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Monday, 2 November 2009

We are the shadows of the night

Just a quick one that we thought was too cool not to let you know about.

Verity Sharpe hosted a special Hallowe'en edition of the Late Junction on Thursday on Radio 3. To open the show, she played a track recorded in the 80s by Ben's Dad Peter Please called "We are the Shadows of the Night". It was from an album he recorded called "Uffington" to go with a book he published around the same time called "Chronicles of the White Horse".

The story is that "We are Shadows of the Night" is so scary that Ben used to hide under the kitchen table at home whenever it was played. I say used to...

Anyways, its online here, so have a listen (and a laugh or a scream depending on how easily spooked you are!)

We'll be waiting....

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