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Friday, 23 October 2009

Whoa there, what's all that racket?!

...its the sound of us being REALLY busy! Lots of stuff going on of late in Urusen land, quite a few good gigs (where were you?!) and then lots of meetings and planning and practising and recording and...and...I'll tell you all about it!

So since the last blog, we played at the single launch of our friends Trail. it was in North London and was lots of fun and there are some lovely pictures from the night that are up on our facebook page (not group - that's closing soon so if you're still using that, get with the programme, the changeover is coming!) so have a look, some great ones of Nick and Jay - helps when your playing 100 year old beautiful instruments!

We also recently made our debut at the renowned South London venue, The Bedford. The venue is genuinely one of the most special small venues in London, with a startingly good sound system and lighting rig. The gig went really well and it was lovely to see some faces not seen for a while - we've already confirmed to go back in February so hopefully see you again then.

Last night, we we're back on Pete and Ben's home turf, playing at the infamous Moles, supporting up and coming indie-folksters Stornoway who are currently touring in support of their new single Unfaithful. We met Rahul from the band at the Larmer Tree Festival in the summer, so was great to see him again, and the night was really good all round, bpth bands on top form. Thanks to Steve and 13th floor, and everyone who came down, hopefully be back again soon.

Lots of other things going on behind the scenes at present, but nothing too set in stone yet unfortunately so will let you all know when it all gets confirmed.

In the meantime, check out this - nothing to do with us! But if you stumble across any funny urusen-themed links then please let us know!

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