In Search of...: The (not so) Secret Diary of a Band

Monday, 10 January 2011

Calling all Urusenettes and Urusenaires!

Lots of exciting things coming up in 2011 for Urusen - and we want you to be a part of them. If you'd be interested in helping us out with some exciting little events and ideas we've got, as well as some general promo and exposure things, then read on!

We're looking to put together a crack commando unit of Urusen die-hards to carry out our evil bidding as we embark on our mission of world domina...not quite. Basically, we'd like to have a group of people who love the band who we could call upon when we have things to promote or when we could do with a bit of buzz around the band on certain sites etc. We always appreciate how much people talk about the band already, so this is just us trying to "organise" a bit for maximum efficiency! In return, you can expect (aside from massive kudos!) some exclusive goodies and Urusen-related fare, plus some freebies!

If you would be interested, please send an email to with the words "Promo Team" in the Subject. If you could tell us your name and location that would be great too.

Thanks alot, see you all soon,

Urusen x