In Search of...: The (not so) Secret Diary of a Band

Friday, 1 July 2011

Mud? Glastonburied...

So, it turned out to be either thick sloppy mud and rain, or scorching sunshine - 2011 was a glastonbury of extremes. Which doesn't make it easy when you're carting musical equipment around the site through the throng, but going up on stage at the Avalon Cafe to play to a rammed 600-strong audience definitely makes it worth it! Of our gigs at Glastonbury 2011 this was definitely our highlight - thanks to Lisa at Avalon for giving us the slot, and I suppose we also need to say thanks to the Huckleberries for cancelling as we weren't expecting to play there this year!

We don't have and footage of us playing, but here's a clip of our crowd!

Our slot at the Avalon Cafe took place on the Thursday afternoon and our next official gig was not until Sunday night at The Bandstand, but we managed to fit in a backstage gig at the Acoustic Stage and also do a radio interview with Worthy FM where Ben, Kieran and Pete performed a couple of tracks live on air. We were also played on BBC Radio Bristol as part of their Glastonbury coverage - apparently our songs make people cry! But, in a good way….we hope! technically it was an exclusive too - the first radio play of any of the new tracks done with Steve Osborne.

So, it was a bit of a working weekend, but there was plenty of time to get involved…Highlights: Elbow - for awesome crowd singing (plus the sun had finally decided to show its face), Paul Simon - a total legend (and yes he did play You can call me Al), the Treetop Flyers (definitely a band to watch out for) on after us at the Avalon Cafe, and seeing our good friend Pete Roe playing with Laura Marling, who was excellent on the Pyramid Stage. Oh and Shangri la and Arcadia…still nuts, and still amazing.

Thanks to everyone who made it along to see us - it was awesome too to see lots of familiar faces. And keep an eye out for us if you're at any other festivals this summer as we'll be doing a few more, including Secret garden Party and The Big Chill.

As for Glasto, next year is a fallow year - probably just as well after most of the site this year been trampled into an unrecognisable lake of mud, it deserves a bit of time to recover…as do we ;o) Even so, roll on 2013...