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Monday, 19 September 2011

7" Vinyl

Forgot to add a pic of our vinyl - so here's the cover...

Summer Summary

This is way overdue - lots to tell, but not sure there's enough time to tell it - it's been a little hectic since we have our London single launch (first single from the new album) tomorrow 20th Sept at The Lexington and we'll be joined by our good friend Sam Brookes and the fantastic Imaginary String Band. Then on Friday 23rd we have our Bath Single launch where we'll be joined by the wonderful Sarabeth Tucek - both promise to be a crackers.

Since our last post, it's been a busy summer of gigging-surviving-planning-and-driving - we've taken in delights ranging from the awesomeness of The Big Chill and Secret Garden Party, to busking the streets of Cardiff and sharing beds in the Sky Plaza Hotel in Leicester ...can't recommend the latter, but it was cheap.

Mainly we've been building up to the single launch and also trying to plot the release of the album which we hope will be soon. Anyway, we thought long and hard about what to release first and went for the tracks in question as we felt they were a good intro/taster of the album (or one aspect of it - at least the aspect we felt we wanted people should hear first). Plus it seemed right to put out two rather than a single on its ow, not just because this year has gone by wayyyy too fast and we're keen for people to have something, but also cos we think that these two tracks sit really well together as stories, songs, musical journeys... So, the two tracks are 'The Islander' and 'A Once Was Tramp And Tree' and we've decided to put them both out as a free download (yes free with no strings attached) though we would like to add that we do have a rather good looking limited edition double A-Side 7" vinyl version so you can get your hands on a physical copy.

Apart from that here are a few things we've put together recently that you may not have seen yet. Here's a short film about the recording of the album with Steve Osborne down at Real World Studios:

And following up our last post on this year's Glastonbury (to attempt to give our blog some continuity!) here we are performing 50&9 on the Bandstand this year:

Hope you enjoy and we'll try to write again soon.