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Friday, 13 November 2009


So we've been beavering away over the last couple of weeks and I thought I'd tell you about it.
We are in the process of getting some of our new material mixed (mostly stuff you will have heard if you've been to a gig in the last few months) in demo form, as we don't really have anything recorded post- One Day In June, which is going back a bit these days.

The new songs have been songs that, in a way for the 1st time, we have written as a band. Musically, especially after the summer of festivals, the band has probably never been as tight as a unit and that shows in the way these songs have grown and evolved. Now we are close to having a good representation of them, it feels like we are clicking the pieces into place in the big old Urusen jigsaw.

To go along with the new recordings, we've been trying to get a better idea in our heads, and on paper, of what we want to project as a band. What is Urusen, what do we sound like, why should people listen to our music, all these sorts of questions are, I'm sure, questions all bands have to answer (or get answered for them), but it isn't easy.

We aren't a band of clones, perhaps the best thing about the band is the different personalities and stories the 5 of us have to tell. Nevertheless, we always agree there is something about the band that keeps us all attached, strong, and keeps us unwavering in our belief that we will be doing this for a long time to come. If we could bottle that effect the band has on us, I'm sure we'd never have to work again, but for now, we've just been trying to work out how to explain ourselves.

We have a couple of gigs coming up before Christmas in London, one acoustic and one full band, which we will probably use to keep bedding in some brand new stuff (one track, 'The Woodsman', is fast becoming a favourite), so if you can, check out the event details on facebook or myspace and come along.

2009 has been a very special year for all of us in lots of ways. The band has hit new heights and grown more than any of us could have hoped for. To close it, we're going to make sure the final two shows of the year are crackers, so that we keep the wheels oiled and at full speed into 2010, which promises to be an even bigger and better year for the band. Hopefully.

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