In Search of...: The (not so) Secret Diary of a Band

Sunday, 21 June 2009


Hello there!! This is the first blog by us - but rather than talk about who we are and what we're about I'm just going to plough straight into what we've been up to.
I have spent most of the last two weekends driving (almost 1000 miles in total thus far) taking us back and forth to some very cool little festivals in the South West as we begin our summer of activity.

Last weekend saw us pop our 2009 festival cherry at a brand new festival called Tea On The Farm.Set in the gorgeous surroundings of Box in Wiltshire, the festival was great fun with a lovely atmosphere, and it was a shame that we weren't able to stay for the whole weekend. Special mention must go to Alex the quad bike man for ferrying our ever increasing array of instruments to and from the stage!

On Tuesday we headlined our last London gig for a while at the new Proud Galleries in Camden. The gig was a real success, we're all very aware that the new songs in the set are getting better and better and really lifting the live show to a new level - just need to get them recorded now!! Also lovely to be able to sit and have a drink and a chat with the lovely Helens (you know who you are!) as well as having my mum down for the gig!!

This weekend was the Gold Coast Ocean Festival in Croyde, North Devon. We were meant to play this festival last year but were unfortunately unable to make it work so it was good to get back there this year and play. Pete and I came down on the night before and had a lovely, if slightly chilly evening at a local camp site where we tried, and admittedly failed, to savour the local cider. It had a taste which neither us, nor the people in the neighbouring tent, could fully come to terms with and so I say to the people of Georgeham: fair play, but I'll stick to the lager.

Sunday the rest of the gang came down and we wandered around the site and checked out some other artists (Jim Jones in particular was cool) and played our set around 3ish. The vibe was very chilled after an apparently heavy Saturday night at the festival for all, but we really enjoyed the gig (lovely playing on a big stage with great sound!) Filled with positivity & red bull we set off for home, via our second home the M4.
Next week...Glasto!!!!