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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Glastonbury Diary: Day 3 (4 & 5)

Saturday was the day of our last gig and thus I will truncate the rest of the days into this bit of the blog. We were moving stage again onto the bandstand stage. given it is situated in the middle of the site, getting there with all our gear involved a land rover, some wheel barrows and a fair amount of sweat; I wish I had pictures but sadly I don't. Anyways, gear safely dispatched we had a few hours to kill in order to buy silly hats. (See picture right of myself modelling the classic "straw trilby and wife-beater look!) There was lots more elaborate headgear on show throughout the weekend so if you'd like to see it, plus all the other pics from the festival, check out our facebook group ( ) for all the pics we didin't have space for here. (While your at it, join the group, and our artist page, and our myspace, and...and...)

Moving on...the bandstand is quite a special space to play on. because of its location (in the middle of a thoroughfare with no "front" (its a bandstand) you really get the feeling that you're playing to the festival rather than a particular crowd. Either way, it seemed to go down well. With it being our last performance of the weekend we gave it everything and by all accounts rocked it. I also received one of the most beautifully worded compliments for the band from one of the bandstand staff who told me that he felt "privilged to have seen [us]." Certainly a step up from "yeah mate...great gig." or my personal all time favourite "your keyboard sound is sick!"

We got a load of stickers printed to bring to the festival that spawned the game: "phantom stickering". Basically, it involved trying to sticker someone without them noticing - and everyone on site was fair game. The best ones of the weekend were two coppers, who removed them from their behinds and stuck them to their cans of MACE (whilst delivering the chilling line "it'll be the last thing someone sees!") and also a certain Mr. Newton Fawlkner, who was happy to take one on the front of his chest, but blissfully unaware of the numerous one stuck to his back (abit like Pete, right)

The rest of the festival was a blast, band member highlights included Blur, Florence and the Machine, Bat for Lashes, Bon Iver and stumbling across a tiny Johnny Flynn set in "The Snug" (plus seeing a rather worse for wear looking Keith Allen in Arcadia at about 3am, on a stage, baning a drum!) And then it was over.

To get serious for a minute it certainly felt like this weekend was a big step for the band. We know now we can play on big stages to big crowds and they, and we, love it. We've always suspected as much, but now we've done it. the newer songs in our sets are getting the biggest responses which shows we as a band are getting better in not only how we perform, but what we are performing. Onwards and upwards, the summer has only just started.

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