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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Glastonbury Diary: Day 2

Woke up with a small hangover and a little damp (cheap tent!), but still buzzing from the prevous nights excitement and raring to get back to the Avalon Cafe for our second show there. We knew the festival had offocially begun when we heard the sweet sounds of Bjorn Again travelling over the breeze from the Pyramid Stage and so headed into the arena to sample the Glasto atmosphere (after a quick trip to a camping stall to purchase some waterproof trousers and a gazebo!).
It is impossible to explain (for those who haven't been) the sheer size and scale that Glastonbury operates on. Almost a quarter of the 177000 people on site are staff, security or performers, thats over 40,000 people. The term organised chaos comes to mind, but it does not even begin to describe what Michael Eavis has achieved.

With Neil Young and Fleet Foxes both playing the Pyramid Stage today, it seemed fitting we were playing today - treating the crowd to an extra helping of harmonies and country/folky loveliness!
So we headed back to the Avalon Cafe for our 3pm slot. We changed the set up slightly for this gig, and knew that while the crowd would undoubtedly be smaller (the previous night we hadn't had to contend with, amongst others, the Pyramid Stage, the Other stage, the John Peel Tent, the Jazz World Stage...) but we still pulled a crowd in, including people who had come the night before, and also some people from some bigger stages regarding next year - we will let you know if/when we do!!

We had the rest of the day "off", so went off to enjoy the festival and took in some amazing music. I won't gloat by telling you how amazing Neil Young was, but istead just give you a couple of pictures of the rest of our day - including a super cool lady playing guitar-umberella!

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