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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Seeing is believing

So here it is. After months of discussions, planning, frustration and the like, we've got ourselves an album. As you can see, it's called This is where we meet. Last week, the final masters were approved and, shortly after, the final design work for the artwork was signed off and sent to the printers. So, very shortly, we will have copies of the album that, without sounding too dramatic, represents about 3 years of this band's life.

Needless to say, we're very happy with how it all looks and sounds, and can't wait to let you all get your hands and ears on it. In the meantime, we're now booking up festivals (providing they don't all get cancelled) and gigs for the summer and beyond. All the details will be revealed, as these will probably represent the 1st opportunities for you to get your hands on This is where we meet

Alternatively, you will very shortly be able to 'pre-order' the album, along with a whole other bunch of goodies. This is an increasingly common model amongst smaller bands. In short, it allows bands to generate the revenue needed to put out the record people have paid for. We're in a slightly different place in that, we could put the record out tomorrow if we needed to, its more about how successful a launch we can give it. In line with this, we are in negotiations with some industry types about getting some support with putting the record out. More on that later though.

Finally, in the previous paragraph, I mentioned goodies. As with all 21st century bands, we're talking lots about merch. Unlike a lot of other bands, we've got Peter. That means AWESOME merch. keep an eye on our facebook page for some potential examples, as we're keen to make sure that you like it before we make it!

One last thing: If you're on Twitter, follow us and let's get #thisiswherewemeet trending!

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  1. Love it ! When is the launch ? to get that date in the diary.... Nigel ...