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Monday, 25 October 2010

We're making an album!

For anyone who doesn't know already - this was the rather cool news we revealed at our gig at the Slaughtered Lamb earlier on this month. In November we will be de-camping to the Wiltshire Countryside for a month at the glorious Real World Studios. Naturally we're all quite excited.
Looks ghastly, I'm sure you agree...
We have been down to the studios a few times in the last year or two, so we feel quite at ease there already which is good. We've had a really good relationship with the place since they started looking after our publishing a couple of years ago. The surroundings are truly idyllic (anyone from around that area can vouch for that) so we think it will be the perfect place for us to get completely immersed in the recording process and hopefully produce something a bit special.

To help us along the way with this, we have enlisted the services of a producer by the name of Steve Osborne. We've been in talks with him for a little while and had a session with him a few months ago to see how we got on in a music environment. It all seemed to go well, and now we can't wait to get in a room with him again. You can check out who he's worked with via the link, but without over-egging it, his track record and reputation precede him somewhat, and we are thrilled he wants to work with us. Hopefully the results of it all will be something you all (and lots of other people) approve of!

This isn't our Cottage.
In addition, we can confirm today that we have booked a lovely cottage for the duration of our stay in the Wiltshire countryside. More details will follow shortly (along with lots of pictures and so on) but for no apparent reason the 5 of us seem about as excited about this as the recording itself. Jay was adamant we had some form of open-fire, which we have secured, whilst there was also a hard line taken by the non-snorers in the band to secure sufficient sleeping quarters to separate them from the snorers! Sure you'll enjoy the photos/videos that emerge; probably more than we do making them!

So for now, we're sad to say that does mean we have no more gigs booked for 2010 - but what a year it has been. Thanks to everyone who's made this a truly special year for us - we look forward to seeing you next year.
Fret not tho, if you are worried about not getting your urusen "fix". We plan on trying to stay in touch online as much as possible during the recording process. Through the blog, facebook, myspace, the newsletter as well as potentially some video diaries - we hope to keep you all in the loop. Likewise, please keep in touch as we miss you when we don't see you often!! We should have some other exciting stuff happening on line in the next month or so - so keep your eyes pealed and fingers cross we'll tide you over until we're back on the road again in 2011!

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  1. Godspeed gentlemen. I know you're going to do us all proud.

    It's a great idea to keep us all in the loop. You've got so many people rooting for you, who'd really appreciate you keeping in touch with them: recounting tales of derring do, the ups, the downs, the fisticuffs over creative differences.

    Can't wait to heat the results.

    See ya!