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Friday, 21 August 2009

Big news!

All been a bit quiet on the blog of late but lots has been going on behind the scenes so thought you were all due a bit of an update.

First things first, a big congratulations is in order to Nick and his lovely partner Ellie who we are now the proud parents of Oscar Morris Tibor Ullmann. We're not going to post OK style pictures or anything gratuitous like that, but rest assured he is a beautiful baby and we all couldn't be happier for the 3 of them.

That, along with various members of the band taking some well earned down time, has meant we haven't had any gigs of late, but they will be building back up soon enough. We are confirmed for a charity gig in September for an amazing cause and will be playing alongside the legendary Mark Knopfler. Thanks again to Helen for allowing us to be a part of it.

Also coming up, we will be playing a little festival in Somerset, more details on that when its confirmed, and we will also be playing at a single launch in London for some friends of ours that promises to be a big night - again more details when we have them.

Other than that we've been having a string of seemingly endless meetings with the lovely people at Real World and just as a band, discussing everything from band outfits (no really!) to producers to what we do when the last copy of One Day in June has been sold - a fast approaching situation! Aaaaand we've also nearly finished the new recordings AND worked on some new choons - PHEW!

Needless to say there is lots in the pipeline. So keep in touch and we shall hopefully see you soon!

Urusen x

P.S. Almost forgot! Live recording from our WOMAD set will go on-line in the next 7 days. Will be a newbie so make sure you have a listen and let us know what you think!

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